We support our clients in dealing with financial administrative bodies during the tax verification and assessment phases and the preventive definition of the tax relationship’s procedures (rulings, accession procedures), even where they involve foreign tax authorities. We provide advice in the litigation phase before the tax commissions and the higher courts, including the European Courts, as well as before the civil and criminal courts in disputes with tax implications. We also assists our clients in civil, commercial and administrative litigation in complex disputes of high economic value, before civil courts, regional administrative courts and higher courts (Corte Suprema di Cassazione and Consiglio di Stato). Our professionals all have extensive experience in judicial matters, both before the Courts and in arbitration procedures where they permanently intervene as lawyers or arbitrators. Plusiders' assistance is carefully gauged on the features of any single business sector to which the dispute refers and always aimed, where more effective in relation to the interests of the client, to out-of-court settlement of the disputes.